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Loving Paeds!

by Edwin T on Jan.21, 2010, under happenings

Pediatrics is always one of my favorite postings. Even though the training ground in Pediatrics is busy, I am still enjoying it. Pretty much because the babies in the ward are just irresistible! For most of the time, they are my motivation to be persistent in going to the wards.

And I’ll miss my lil baby Ismail so much! ‘coz he has gone back home yesterday. He is too adorable and I couldn’t stop myself from holding his small hands every time playing with him. It is a satisfaction when he responds to your talking cooing. Well, this is all he can do now. :)

Ismail and IThanks Ched for capturing the moments of me with Ismail using your Samsung Omnia. :)

The 4th week in Pediatrics is going to end in a few days and I’ll be leaving to Teluk Intan again for another 2 weeks of posting there. And it means that Professional Exam is just less than 50 days to go from now!

Oh God! Help me. It really gets into my nerves every time thinking of the unfinished books and notes on my table. They are just too many to be revised!

I need a solution! To sleep less? Wishing for photographic memory? Or pray hard to be calm and cool while facing the greatest exam after all?

Somebody helps!

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Recap 2009

by Edwin T on Jan.07, 2010, under deep in the heart, happenings

I think it is a lil bit late for me to sum up all the major events which had taken place throughout the year 2009 since today is already 6th of January. Well, my final posting at Pediatrics Department is kinda busy tho’.


FPer Annual Dinner

The year begun when I attended my faculty’s annual dinner (Gosh! I’ve forgotten what’s the name of the club). Good food, nice dresses and entertaining performances. One thing to be proud of was our beloved Dean (of Faculty of Medicine) never fails to attend every dinner organized by my batch. :)



Post-end of Year 4 exam. Rewarded self with lots of good food. That was the first time I went to Look Out Point at Hulu Langat and Tenji Japanese Buffet at Solaris Mont Kiara. I remembered I made myself the most expensive floats by mixing 3 scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream into my coke at Tenji. Hah!

Thereafter, I started my 2-week humanitarian elective posting at Medical Social Work Department. All I need to say is, medical social worker rocks! Their contribution in patient care is significant too.


Cameron Highlands Strawberry Flower and Fruit

4 Gates of Chiang Mai (East & West)

4 Gates of Chiang Mai (North & South)

Ayutthaya & Bangkok

Pattaya Beach & World Famous Tiffany's Show

Holiday! Revisited Cameron Highlands and all thanks to Auntie Bee Hiong for the treat. Besides, both Chuong Hock and I went backpacking for 13 days in Thailand. We started from North Thailand (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Sai), traveling down to Ayutthaya, Bangkok and Pattaya. Faced some “panicking” moments in Bangkok but Chuong Hock, make it a secret of us two ya?


My Histological Slides of Spague-Dawleys rats' heart

Started my research work officially. Thankful that I had a team who worked with the same school of thoughts as mine. Things went on smoothly as planned although we faced some challenges in between. Definite appreciation is still dedicated to our beloved supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Farihah Haji Suhaimi, who had shown us what true spirit of research is! :)


1st SSM Meeting

A busy month. Finalizing the manuscript and our group was chosen to participate in oral presentation during the Scientific Meeting. Even though we did not win the grand prize, we were satisfied as in our supervisors’ eyes, we were already a winner! Thanks to Prof Farihah and Prof Faizah for the post-conference lunch at Grand Seasons Hotel too. To date, my research manuscript has been accepted by the International Medical Journal (IMJ) and it will be published by September this year. Yippie! That will be my first medical article.


PPD Camp 3 (Group Photos)

PPD Camp 3 (Favourite Shots)

Started my final year medical student life officially with its first activity i.e. 3rd Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Camp at BTN Kuala Besut, Terengganu. I believe this is the longest bus journey I’d ever taken. Overall, the camp was a fun and informative (minusing the BTN part). At here, we formed our very first “Killer Gang”. Cool!


Killer Gang Gathering

SBS Old Boys Gathering

July was a gathering month. Firstly was our “Killer Gang” grand reunion where it was a food and games night before starting our new posting! While another one was with my best buddies from secondary school. Especially Anwar, I had not met him for almost 3 years till this reunion was held. :)


Sungai Gabai Waterfall and Bukit Tabur Hiking

While August was an outing month. 2 major outings in a row i.e. to Sungai Gabai Waterfall with fellow CF members and the most heart pumping hiking at Bukit Tabur, Melawati KL. Definitely there will be no more TCA for me until I overcome my acrophobia. Fuh!


PT UKM Calligraphy

The only holiday for final years fell in this month and it was the most anticipated one! I had booked flight tickets to fly me back home very early for this reason. Home sweet home! Upon coming back, I followed my godbrother to Pesta Tanglung UKM at Kajang (The first visit in my entire 5 years of studies in UKM). I got the chance to write a calligraphy painting at one of the exhibition counters. Well, my writing has deteriorate much. Lacking time to practice I believe. Sigh.


History in My Medical School Life

The most historical moment in my medical school life! Where I finally owned a complete buddy line members from first year up to final year (me). A book of generations had been passed down and is to be filled by the new members joining into my “family” every academic year. :)


Skies of Lovely Kulim (Home Sweet Home)

Busiest month ever. Filled with lots of activities and programs. Posting at Teluk Intan Hospital, went back home impulsively to celebrate Deepavali with Mak Oi, celebrated buddy Jia Hui’s birthday and got to know 2 new friends, Chee Beng and Alex.


Surgery Posting at Teluk Intan (Colorectal Team at UKMMC)

My 24th Birthday Celebration at Fullhouse

Most awaited month every year. Why? It is my birthday on 22nd! :) This year is rather special since I spent almost the whole month at Teluk Intan for my Surgery posting under 2 great teachers’ supervision i.e. Mr Pani and Mr Rizal. I was touched by my buddies act to celebrate my birthday at Fullhouse. The venue was specially chosen suiting my fondness in white English cottage style of interior designing. Thank you!

This year 2010 is gonna be TOTALLY DIFERRENT! In 10 weeks time, I’ll graduate. I believe I will spread my wings and fly confidently in the sky of medicine. God bless me and everyone!

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M.I.A Part 2

by Edwin T on Dec.02, 2009, under happenings

In the so many weeks I’d gone MIA, 1 of them I spent in Teluk Intan again for Internal Medicine posting. It was the shortest if it is to compare with other postings. And I’ll be going there again next week to complete my remaining 3-week General Surgery posting.

Clinical Medicine Posting - OHCM

I always love to be in KKM hospitals. Nice staff nurses, good patients and definitely its environment. Maybe I need a change sometimes, I think. :) Thanks to Dr Rajesh and Dr Lim, our supervisors in Hospital Teluk Intan  (HTI) for the efforts given in teaching us.

Remember the little bridge within the hospital compound (For those following me in Facebook)? Finally I’ve taken a photo with a bigger number of us on it. FINALLY! Haha

Hospital Teluk Intan Internal Medicine Group

Besides, most of us students went to donate blood within that week. The blood bank is running out of blood! Not only in HTI and I believe many hospitals do need blood too for those patients in need.

Blood saves life.

Blood SAVES Life!

Hope you readers will be able to sacrifice a few pain fibers on your skin and to bear with the needle for just a moment. In less than 10 minutes, it is done! Simple isn’t it?

Aini is donating blood!

Even ladies donate blood like Aini did. Gentlemen?

And another joyful moment taking place in HTI was the chance to see and spend some time each day with my ‘big sister’ Dr Khaw CY, who is now officially a house officer there. Congratulations! And lucky me, she has just changed to Surgery Department few weeks ago. :)

My sister and I

Not forgetting the food in Teluk Intan too! The routine Anson chee cheong fun, heo peah (a type of traditional Chinese cookies) and Lana Steak House’s western food are never missed! I think this is the more exact reason why I love Teluk Intan, you see. Haha.

Lana Steak House, Teluk Intan

Photo courtesy of Mr Lee Shi Zhen. Taken with Hian Fei and Chee Kwang. :)

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I’m Back!

by Edwin T on Jul.04, 2009, under deep in the heart, happenings

Departed from Teluk Intan at 9 o’clock this morning. I slept almost throughout the journey since I stayed up late a night before. It was a headache thinking on how to carry all my luggage back to room when I reached UKMMC at 11.45am. Alas I carried all of them at once without any help as nobody was around that time. Backache secondary to poor body mechanics is the price paid.

Despite of the back pain, the feeling of getting back “home” is great. Ironically, I do miss the 2 weeks spent posted there. The specialists, staff nurses, midwives, housemen and my most valuable clients – the patients are all friendly and teach me lotsa clinical experiences.

Frankly, this is the first time I learn to appreciate VE findings in Hospital Teluk Intan (HTI) O&G posting. To complement my clinical skills, I was given chance to conduct deliveries and to repair episiotomy wound which I have never done without getting scolded for NO REASON.

Thanks to Kak Normah, Kak Hasmah, Kak Habibah, Kak Hayati and Kak Zairani the midvives; Dr Su Sie, Dr Alex, Dr Inderjeet, Dr Fahrurrazi, Dr Goh, Dr Harpajan, Dr Khadijah, Dr Syazwani, Dr Maria, Dr Siah and Dr Lim the housemen who treat me like a colleague; Dr Kamarul and Dr Kumar the specialists who gave my group teaching sessions and help sharpening our presentation skill.

Not to forget the staff nurses in Ward GA and GD and most importantly the in-patients who are like my teachers! Hope the patients in UKMMC will be like them too.

Hospital Teluk Intan first conducted delivery

First delivery conducted in the posting. Welcoming the birth of a baby boy whom I was so attached to that day. :)

P.S. Mind the poor photo quality. Hehe~

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by Edwin T on Jun.16, 2009, under deep in the heart

Basically, I’m dealing only with women recently.

All types of them: from senior consultant, consultants, specialists, senior registrars, registrars, medical officers, housemen, staff nurses, attendants, colleagues, pregnant ladies, young ladies, old grannies to janitors. Male species is near extinct here, in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

I’m now in the second week of posting. So far, one word describes all – BUSY. Despite of the busyness, I learn. However, it is relatively tiring as quantity and quality of sleep have always been the issues especially in final year.

I’ll be going to Hospital Teluk Intan for a 2-week attachment before coming back to UKMMC to complete the remaining credit hours of the posting. Starting from that moment, we will work as Pre-Registered House Officer (Title given by the faculty to us). Which means, real working!

May it be a smooth one. Like as said by one of my patients, who will be going for surgery, today: Believe that you can then you will! Haha~ My patient was encouraging me instead of the opposite.

Woman, you deserve the highest respect!

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