Conquering Bukit Tabur

by Edwin T on Sep.11, 2009, under deep in the heart, happenings

I should have blogged about this last week while my memory is still fresh. However, due to the busyness of Emergency Medicine posting (lame excuse), it has been postponed till today. Well, tonight I feel a little bit relief since the exam is over for the time being.

In conjunction with the Merdeka day-off last week, Jane planned an activity outdoor inviting all the final year members of A510. It was rather impulsive as I just got to know a night before. I have heard about Bukit Tabur in Melawati during my freshman year and again from Uncle Cheong, a friend of Auntie Bee Hiong, early this year describing how beautiful and challenging it is.

Without any exact idea where Bukit Tabur is, all of us left UKMMC as early as 4.30am the next day.  The adventure started when we lost our way while finding for the entrance to hiking. We were indeed very lucky to meet a helpful resident at that time (5.15am if I’m not mistaken) who were more than willing to show us the way up. Sorry if we did interrupt your ’sahur’ time. :)

Bukit Tabur 1

Provided with a few pen-torches, we started off. Frankly saying, it is quite scary to walk up the steep hill without being able to see anything beyond 1 meters ahead. The sense of insecurity tempted me to give up a few times but with the spirit of perseverance from other team members, I continue on. Partly it is because I had no other choices too. Haha~

Bukit Tabur 2

The sun rays of the dawn had motivated us to walk faster as we wouldn’t like to miss the scenic sunrise on the hill top. As expected, the cool breeze and the eye soothing scenery on the peak were very rewarding. Time was just 7am.

Bukit Tabur 3

I was so naive to think that we had already reached the top of Bukit Tabur. But Julian questioned how can we miss the “legendary” cliff, where many careless hikers fall and some died of multiple injuries. I was wondering on the same thing as well but more on how to avoid it in spite of facing it. I think all acrophobic will try to avoid too.

Bukit Tabur 4

Julian was later proven right. The cliff is just some way ahead. The local hikers (mainly uncles and aunties. Gosh!) reminded the first timers like us to be extra careful when going down the cliff which is estimated to be 100 meters high. Acrophobia in me started to persuade them stopping but somehow, it loses. I need to resume walking.

After this landmark, the “legendary” cliff is just not far away.

Bukit Tabur 5

Finally reaching the dreadful cliff and as you can see from the photo, I couldn’t even smile naturally now. I would just want to go through it fast and this was the only thing lingering in my mind that moment.

Bukit Tabur 6

After being prepared mentally (if it wasn’t the long queue, I think I would take much longer time. Fuh!), and with Jane’s encouragement as well as Bernard’s and Julian’s two-handed seat carry, I made it through! Minus the panic attack, dyspnea, palpitation and major assistance, I think I did quite okay. Haha~

Bukit Tabur 7

However, I never knew that there is a second cliff following that. Panic attack attacked once more but it was comparatively better after the “flooding behavioral psychotherapy” just now. Again, I am unable to make it alone. All thanks to Bernard, the psychiatrist wanna be, for his F.O.C “psychotherapy”. But I would prefer you to prescribe me a benzodiazepines before hand next time. Haha~

Bukit Tabur 8

No more cliffs in Bukit Tabur. What we ought to do thereafter basically was more like rock climbing. It was quite good initially but I ran into exhaustion at the fourth or fifth top (I could only barely remember). Make sure you bring adequate drinking water to replenish as you wouldn’t want to lose too much water through sweating and leading to electrolytes loss and muscles fatigue like I did, right?

Bukit Tabur 9

Bukit Tabur 10

Bukit Tabur 11

I was very joyful after going across the fifth top. As it is the last one before seeing the path which will be leading us back to the car park. It took us almost 90 minutes to go downhill and this has shown how tall Bukit Tabur actually is.

Bukit Tabur 12

We took only one group photo and it is a privilege to have Miss Anna Rina helping us for this matter. We were just so coincident to get to know her. Thank you!

Bukit Tabur 13

We spent almost 5 hours up there. Definitely it includes time we spent to rest and photo taking. After all, Bukit Tabur gives me a great sense of achievement since I have partially conquered the phobia in me. Or else, I wouldn’t complete the whole journey.

Thanks to Jane, Julian and Bernard again! It’s great to make it through with you guys. :)

P.S. After looking at Miss Anna’s work, she is now one of the photographers who ranked the highest in my list to consider in helping me shooting on my convocation August next year.

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  • fufu

    wow… bukit tabur huuh…nice!!! why didnt you guys invite me go together huuh??!! i like hiking and mountain climbing XD

  • Edwin T

    i thought you are based in ipoh, fufu? now i know, invite you next time ya (if you are in country). XD

  • ~'alicebabe^Q"~

    i can see all of u (3 Guys n d Only Gal) sweating, but “Wow”..d rope climbing n d magnificent breath-taking views are too good 2 be missed.~^^~

  • Edwin T

    thanks for coming to my blog. it was a great experience to me too! so you don’t miss it. :)

  • Edwin T

    OMG! i feel so embarrassed that i can’t recognize uncle cheong and auntie eva that day. i met them and i talked to them but i never think will meet them again after the cameron highland trip. sorry uncle and auntie!

    P.S. Auntie Bee Hiong, why don’t u tell me earlier. please convey my apology to them if u see this ya!

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